Why GeoEphex?

GeoEphex stands for Geothermal Earth Pipeline Heat EXchanger. We wish we could claim full credit for the clever acronym, but we'll give credit where credit is due: Thank you Professor Wunder!

Lynette Hromada (ME)

Lynette Hromada, from Lansing, IL, is graduating with a major in mechanical engieering and a minor in mathematics. She has interned for five years at an HVAC consulting firm designing heating and ventilation systems for commercial buildings and hopes to continue working after graduation in either HVAC or product design.

Update: Lynette recently accepted a job with Arup, a heating and air conditioning company. She will be working in their downtown Chicago office!



Rachel Jelgerhuis (ME)

Rachel Jelgerhuis is a senior mechanical engineering student originally from Minneapolis, MN.  She spent her summer working for the Research Experience for Undergraduates program at the University of Minnesota.  There she worked in the Electrical Engineering Ultrasound Lab designing and building devices to assist their lab procedure.  Rachel hopes to begin work after graduation ideally involving medical device design.

Update: Rachel is still job searching. She is currently looking in the Minneapolis and Chicago areas. If you think she'd be a great addition to your company (which she would be) give her a call!


Joel Love (ME)

Joel Love is from Zionsville, IN, and he will be graduating in May as a mechanical engineering major. In the summer of 2008, Joel had an internship with NASA at Glenn Research Center where he worked on lunar excavation research. This past summer, Joel interned with Hardin Geotechnologies, Inc. in Indianapolis. At Hardin Geotech, he worked on geothermal field design as well as heat exchanger design. Upon graduation, Joel hopes to find work in the renewable energy industry with plans to return to graduate school somewhere down the road.


Update: Joel is now employed by Westinghouse Electric in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He's moving out there early this summer.



Laura Price (CE)

Laura is a civil/environmental engineering student.  This past summer, she had an internship in Quito, Ecuador.  The internship focused on drinking water distribution and wastewater treatment.  During that time, Laura developed a special interest in environmental engineering in the developing world.  She plans to pursue a masters degree in environmental engineering.  After completing her studies, she hopes to work in a developing country.  She also has an interest in sustainable development and environmental stewardship.  Laura is a member and captain of the women’s swim team. When she is done as a collegiate athlete, she looks forward to competing in triathlons.


Update: Laura will be attending the University of Minnesota next year in Minneapolis for a master's in environmental engineering. She is excited to explore the Twin Cities.


About Our Team


Meet the team:

  • Lynette Hromada
  • Joel Love
  • Laura Price
  • Rachel Jelgerhuis