Project Overview

GeoEphex's task is to design a heating and cooling system for a future home in the Grand Rapids area. The client plans to build a home on a lot he currently owns on Reeds Lake. He has requested an economical, environmentally friendly heating and cooling system and has expressed interest in a geothermal system. This project is unique because the design team works directly with a client. Therefore the project is directed to meet the client's needs and requests.

Project Objectives

The objectives of our project are as follows:

  • Analyze residential heating and cooling alternatives. These should include both conventional and geothermal systems.
  • Calculate the heating and cooling loads of the home.
  • Choose a heating and cooling alternative and generate a design.
  • Design the HVAC system for the home.
  • Determine the payback period of the system compared to a conventional alternative.

Design Components

For a geothermal system, we will determine the following properties and design the following components:

  • Soil and pipe heat transfer properties
  • Heating and cooling loads
  • Heat pump specifications
  • Water pump specifications
  • Pipe field layout
  • Ductwork sizing and layout
  • Distribution system: forced air, radiant heating, or a combination

About Our Team

Meet the team:

  • Lynette Hromada
  • Joel Love
  • Laura Price
  • Rachel Jelgerhuis
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