Design Night Approaches

May 6, 2010

Wow! Saturday (May 8) is our Senior Design Projects Night. All 17 teams from the department will be showing off their work, prototypes, plans, and designs. We are excited! In the last three months, we have made an incredible amount of progress. (Sorry about the lack of updates.) Here's a glimpse of what we've accomplished:

Basement HVAC Design: If you recall the Final HVAC Design from our last post (Feb 10), you will notice that a lot of work has been done since we decided upon our "final" design. The layout of the HVAC remained very similar, but now it includes all the details. This drawing shows where the ducts (the big tubes that move air through a building) are located. The ducts are in the space between the ceiling of the basement and the floor of the first floor. Interested in more details? Look here for closeups.

First Floor HVAC Design: This drawing shows all the grilles and registers (the things in the walls, floors, and baseboards that blow out warm air in winter and cool air in summer) in each room. These grilles and registers connect to the ducts shown in the Basement HVAC Design.

Geothermal Well Design: On the First Floor HVAC Design, you may have noticed the pink and blue lines that form a square outside the house. These are the geothermal wells. Our geothermal wells are 6 inch holes drilled into the ground. A pipe goes down into the hole and at the bottom the pipe makes a ubend and comes back up to the top of the hole. This pipe is connected to a heat pump that heats the air that blows on your feet while you are washing dishes on a cold winter night. Heat pumps are tricky things. Come to the senior design open house and we'll explain it for you!

Future Plans: Graduation is approaching quickly! Read our team bios for updates on what we are doing next year.


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