Moving Forward

February 3, 2010

To be honest it is hard to be motivated during January when many of our friends are having adventures abroad, watching a different movie every day, or playing frisbee golf at Meijer at 2 am just because they can. However, regardless of these distractions, we made some significant progress on our project over Interim.

We worked with the architect on the project, Jim Korf, to get completed designs for the client's home. We faced a minor setback during this process. Jim's computer crashed. Thankfully for him and for us, he was able to recover the files for our client's home.

The completed plans allowed us to do load calculations. In order to properly size the geothermal system, we need to know how much heat the home will lose or gain - depending on the season. We were also able to map out the ventilation system. We know the placement of the ductwork and the supply and return vents.

As a part of his Interim class - Finite Element Analysis - Joel calculated heat losses and "bleedings" in our underground system. He has begun obtaining important thermodynamic properties of our system.

You may be wondering, "With all this progress, is there anything for GeoEphex to do during the spring semester?" The answer is yes. We just recently received Michigan construction codes. Now we can ensure that our design meets all the requirements. With the loads calculated, we can begin to determine the length of underground piping. The list goes on, so there is no need to fear that we won't have work to do!

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