HVAC: Design and Redesign

February 10, 2010

There has been some significant, visible progress on our HVAC design. Props go to Rachel and Lynette for all the hard work they've put in on this part of the project. Instead of describing their progress to you, I'm going to show you. Get ready for some graphics!

First Floor Floorplan: Here's a drawing of the layout for the first floor of the house. We really like the big open space for the kitchen and living room!

Basement Floorplan: Here's the layout of the basement. There is a lot of open space for visitors, storage, and other living and entertaining areas.

Initial HVAC Design: Here is our original plan for the HVAC ductwork, registers, and vents. This is only shown on the basement level because the ductwork will be in the ceiling space between the two floors. The red lines indicate the ductwork for the basement. The green, blue, and purple lines represent the ductwork for the first floor. Each color is a different zone for heating and cooling. This way, for example, the master bedroom can be warmer than the office and laundry room. The white line shows the path of the return ductwork.

Final HVAC Design: Here is the updated plan (for now at least). The mechanical room has been moved to a more central location so that the ductwork going to one side of the house does not have to cross several other sections of ducting.


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