The Last Week of First Semester

December 8, 2009

There is one week of classes left in the fall semester of our senior year. All of us are busy with classes, projects, and preparing for Christmas. Yet we've been making progress on our project.

Joel has contacted drilling companies, done extensive research and cost analysis for conventional heating systems. He is also in the process of modeling heat transfer for the underground piping. What else Joel?

Lynette has discovered several options for the heating and cooling delivery system. She has experience in the HVAC field which is very useful. She has identified a Variable Volume and Temperature system (VVT) as the best delivery option. She has also begun estimating loads and is awaiting specific floor plans from the architect. Additionally, Lynette has essentially ruled out the possibility of a snow melt system, which our customer expressed interest in, because of its high cost and incompatibility with geothermal heat.

Rachel has done an impressive amount of research into radiant heating. She has contacted companies and obtained cost estimates. Rachel, what else have you done?

Laura has set up this web site! She has researched different configurations of geothermal systems and has determined, with the help of the rest of the team, that a vertical closed system is the best choice for the client's lot. She is determining soil characteristic and is in the process of developing a MathCAD model of soil heat transfer.

GeoEphex looks forward to completing their PPFS and closing out this semester!

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