The End of First Semester

December 16, 2009

First Semester has come to a close. As far as Senior Design goes, we are all ready to head home. We recently finished and turned in our PPFS. What a load off our shoulders! If you are interested in learning more about our project, please read our PPFS in the Resources section.

In addition to our PPFS, we completed our final presention of first semester, also in the Resources section. For Business class, we gave a developed a business plan and presented it to "potential investors" (aka the professor who was grading us).

We met with Professor Venema to discuss the recent progress on the project. We presented him with preliminary cost estimates so that he can begin making design decisions. Decisions need to be made on the type of distribution system to use - forced air and/or radient panals - the design and number of heat pumps, and if he wants to include a snowmelt system for the driveway. We look forward to meeting with him again in January after we have more specific cost estimates.

Merry Christmas from GeoEphex!

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