Strike the rock, and water will come out of it for the people to drink. - Exodus 17:6

Latrine Pits

The team recommends the construction of a pit toilet for each household in the village.  This will eliminate defecation in the forest and greatly improve the health of the people.  The pits shall be square in shape and three meter deep and 1.2 meters wide.  The pit lining will be made from a single layer of 8”x8”x16” concrete masonry units (CMU) from the bottom of the pit to ground level.  The vertical gaps between the CMU’s shall be left free of mortar to allow for liquids to drain from the pit into the surrounding soil.  This will allow the solid waste enough time to decay so the pit will not have to be emptied out for approximately 10 years.

The pit will be capped off by a reinforced concrete lid that has holes in it for a vent pipe and for waste.  The lid will be 2.15 meters square and be centered over the pit.  The reinforcing in the pit will be spaced as shown in the drawing.  The lid will also act as a seal and direct gasses from the pit through the ventilation pipe. 

Pit Toilet Lid w/ Rebar


A lightweight superstructure may be built on top of the lid to provide privacy for the users.  This structure may be made out of any locally available materials and can be any size that the user desires.  Examples of different types of superstructures can be seen in the following two figures.  The structures should be light enough so they can be removed from the lid if there needs to be any work done on the pit.

Pit Toilet Example 1


Pit Toilet Example 2