Strike the rock, and water will come out of it for the people to drink. - Exodus 17:6


The team recommends that a rain catchment system be installed for the dormitory roof.  The rain catchment would be beneficial for two reasons.  The system would serve as extra irrigation for the educational garden and community fruit trees beside the dormitory.  Secondly, the rain catchment would serve as an emergency supply of water in case of a breakdown of the spring water supply system or during maintenance of the spring water supply system. 
The team recommends that the rain catchment system consist of four 1100 liter rain barrels. One barrel will be located at the four inner corners of the dormitory. The following figure shows the placement of these barrels. 

Rain Catchment Plan View


The team has elected to go with four smaller barrels instead of one large tank because the rain gutters could not drain to one single location unless an underground tank was constructed.  An underground tank would add a large amount of construction time with little cost savings.  Rain gutters are to hang directly off of the metal roof by stainless steel wire on 8 roof edges as seen in the previous figure.  The gutters are to be made from 4” PVC pipe which have been cut in half and can be seen in the following figure. 

Rain Gutters


The gutters will drain toward the inner corners of the dormitory where the rain barrels are located.  A pipe on a swivel will be located at the gutter drain so that the first flush of water can be redirected away from the tank to prevent any debris on the roof that has built up from entering the tanks.  Once the rain has washed the debris from the roof, the pipe is swiveled back so the water enters the tanks.  Each barrel will have a tap which a hose can be attached to bring the water to the vegetable garden and fruit trees.