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Its Graduation day!


We have turned in our Final Design Report and have made a presentation to the City of Hudsonville. The City was pleased with our design and will take it into consideration for future planning.


Tonight is senior design night! This is it!! We have been waiting 4 years for this!


Our final design review went well and now we look forward to senior design night!

We have binded our final plan set and is ready to go.


Michael and Nicole have been consciously working on a final plan set for the onion farm which include spillway details, detention pond catch basin and manhole details, and connection into storm sewer details.

Britton and Colin have a rough draft plan set completed. These drawings include plan and profile details of inflow and outflow structures in detention pond.

Work on the Final Design report has started today as a rought draft is due Wednesday.


Michael and Nicole have continued work on plan set for the onion farm and they have submitted them to Professor Wunder for a critque.

Britton and Colin have finished the optimization of the new detention pond for the golf course and have started work on a preliminary plan set.


Nicole and Michael have been working on a set of construction plans for the onion farm and have a rough draft completed. Britton and Colin have been working on modeling a detention pond. A set of construction plans will be drafted soon.

Had our second industrial consultant meeting with Claire Schwartz of FTC&H. She gave us some ideas of our next steps in each site. She looked at our rough draft plan set for the onion farm and gave us some tips on these as well.


Surveyed Onion Farm site to get a better topographical map of the site. This data was downloaded onto a computer and placed into a GIS layer.


Received trainging on surveying equipment from Deanna Van Dijk (Geology Department). Will survey the onion farm next week.


After speaking with Dan Strikwerda (City of Hudsonville), he told us to contact Jack Barr (Nederveld Associates) who designed the Summergreen Housing Development proposed for the golf course area who more than likely had a river analysis done for Buttermilk Creek. He got us in contact with the Matt Occiphinti (MDEQ) who sent us a HEC-RAS model for Buttermilk Creek.

We have delineated the watershed for both sites and have a preliminary HEC-HMS (Hydraulic Engineering Center-Hydrologic Modeling System) for both sites.

On January 27th, 2009, we had a meeting with Paul Geerlings (Ottawa County Drain Commissioner) who gave us information on the existing regional detention pond just south of I-196. We will also gain access to REGIS via Ottawa County and their database. Previously we only have had access to the City of Grand Rapids database.

We now have 3 out of the 4 computer models we need and are currently working on them to improve thier output data.


Met with Dan Strikwerda and Pauline Luben, from the City of Hudsonville in which we talked about our Project Proposal and Feasibility Study. They also gave us more information on each site such as soil information and helpful information on cross-sections for Buttermilk Creek. This was a catch up meeting since we have not met with them since before Christmas Break.

We received a hard copies of input and output files from HEC-2 an older version of HEC-RAS (Hydraulic Engineering Center-River Analysis System) from Bruce Menery (MDEQ).

This information was too difficult to read so we will keep searching for a electronic model of Buttermilk Creek.


We are currently in contact with Dan Strikwerda (City of Hudsonville) to see if we can meet with him so we can review our PPFS with him and get his advice about our design alternatives.

We are also in contact with Bruce Menery (MDEQ) to get a electric or hard copy of the flood study done in the Hudsonville area so we can then use this to build a more current model.of Buttermilk Creek.

Our goal is to have a working model of Buttermilk Creek by the first day of spring semester (February 2nd).


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

See you in 2009


Team H2O met with our industrial advisor, Claire Schwartz, on October 29 to assist us in the next steps that the team should take.
Team H2O met with Dan Strikwerda, the City Planner, on November 7 to make a site visit and learn about the project details. Dan Strikwerda showed Team H2O several site problems of the golf course which is a natural flood plain.

We have narrowed our project down to two sites: the onion farm and the golf course.






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