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H2O: Hudsonville Hydraulic Operation


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Team Members: (F to B) Britton Evans, Nicole Ryan, Colin Finch, Michael DeKock

Hudsonville Hydraulic Operation will be assessing two locations of flooding within the city of Hudsonville. The first location requires a model to eliminate flooding along Buttermilk Creek, which flows through Summerset Golf Course, flooding the course and the backyards of several apartment buildings. A number of options for detention and disposal are being considered in the area near Holland Drive, just North of I-196 along Buttermilk Creek. The city of Hudsonville is looking to expand into this golf course area, making it a residential neighborhood and eliminating floodplain property. The second location is just west of 36th Avenue and south of Chicago Drive involving an onion farm that drains into the backyards and sometimes basements of several homes. This flooding sometimes flows straight over 36th Avenue and into Summerset Golf Course creating more flooding problems. Team 13 will analyze rainfall data and soil types of these two sites to create a harmonious proposal to the City of Hudsonville to alleviate the flooding problems in these two locations.


Hudsonville is located 15 miles southwest of downtown Grand Rapids




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