About Us

Stephen Gabbadon is majoring in chemical engineering at Calvin. He is originally from Kingston Jamaica and came to the U.S to pursue a degree in engineering. Stephen enjoys sports and is interested in pursuing a career in the chemical engineering concentration.
Brooke Buikema is a senior engineering student (chemical concentration) at Calvin College and a native of Zeeland, Michigan. Her past internship experiences include a summer internship at DC Cook Nuclear of Bridgman, Michigan, and participation in the 2008 Washington Internships for Students of Engineering summer program in Washington, DC. While her internship experiences have cultivated personal interests in nuclear/alternative energy and public policy-making, Buikema is also interested in robotics and was a member of the Zeeland High School F.I.R.S.T. robotics team during her junior and senior years of high school. She hopes to one day become a policymaker for the state of Michigan, putting her engineering skills to use while making policies related to manufacturing, energy, and environmental issues. In her spare time, Buikema enjoys kayaking, playing piano, and spending time with her family, friends, and fiancé.
Hwok-Chuen Lee, more commonly known as Lee, is a senior chemical engineering student at Calvin College. He was borned in the US but grew up in Malaysia. He got interested in engineering when he realized he was good at mathematics and loved the sciences. Lee enjoys watching and playing sports and spends his whatever free time away from homework hanging with friends. He intends to make full use of his chemical engineering degree when he returns to Malaysia.
Mike Workman is a hardworking Minnesotan that found Calvin to be a good school to pursue a good career. He is busily fulfilling a B.S. in Engineering (Chemical concentration) and a B.S. in Chemistry. Although Mike is very busy it doesn't seem to prevent him from dawdling in computers, grading homework, being a Lab assistant, and cooking. Despite all this work he still finds time spent with friends and his girlfriend very important to living a balanced life. His future plans include immediately entering the industry after graduation, possibly in a pharmaceutical, bio-energy, materials, or petrochemical company. Mike's interests are widespread; therefore before pursuing a Masters or PhD. Mike plans on working in industry for 3-5 years so he can pick a lifetime career.

Team 9

firefox We are a team of chemical engineering students at Calvin College exploring an efficient way to chemically extract jatropha seed oil and convert it to biodiesel.