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"Imagination is more important than knowledge."

-Albert Einstein



Our project includes designing and fabricating a device for use by Vertellus Specialties Inc., located in Zeeland MI, that will lift and pour the contents of a cylindrical barrel into numerous types of chemical dryers and reactors. The barrels vary in weight from one hundred to two hundred pounds and are currently being lifted and poured manually by two workers.  Our machine must be able to fit a number of various heights and positions of reactors.


- Simple Tipping Frame

- Explosion-Proof Electric Motor

- Hydraulic Powered

- Linear Hydraulic Cylinder

- Bi-directional Manual Control Valves

the machine

An obsolete machine was obtained from Vertelus chemical. The hydraulic system was improved by making the machine power up and down with the use of a directional control valve. The hydraulics and power system were tested on the obsolete machine. All drive components including the motor, pump, tank, electric controls, electric boxes, and hydraulic cylinder were salvaged from the obsolete machine. Steel was purchaced and fabrication of the new frame started. The chemical chute and other parts were graciously lazer cut and bent by Genzink Steel in Holland Michigan as Calvin College does not have the capability to do such processes. With the frame built the drive components were installed.
Scrap Machine
Final Prototype

The final machine was found to be a great success.The Atlas|Lift pours into different sized reactors, can be operated by one worker, and creates a much safer working enviroment for the employees of Vertellus Specialties. The machine has been delivered to Vertellus and is now used on a daily basis.





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