CellSync is a team of five senior electrical and computer engineering students at Calvin College. The team members are Keith Conrad, Jeffrey Enahoro, Matt Gardner, Phil Overbeeke, and Andrew Stutzman. See the team page for more information.

Project Overview

In today’s society more people are exclusively using cell phones as their means of telecommunication. This increases the importance of the cell phone and results in a decrease in use of preexisting landline systems that are in homes. For example, college students who live in houses often do not have a landline phone for cost reasons. This has led to an increasing number of unused landline systems in homes.

Furthermore, other homes are bearing the cost of paying for two phone bills, one for their landline and the other for their cell phone. Landline systems lack several features common to cell phones whereas cell phones lack the convenience of the landline phone placement throughout the household. CellSync aims to bridge these convenience gaps providing the functionality of the cell phone with the availability of the home phone.

Since most recent cell phones use Bluetooth as a means of communication with peripheral devices, this wireless technology can be utilized to communicate between the cell phone and the landline phones. The CellSync product aims to utilize this to allow the user to send and receive calls from the landline phone through their cell phone either replacing or co-existing with their landline phone service.