Progress Journal

Front Attachment

Front Wheel Attachment

Extra Tube Support

Front Wheel Fork

Bicycle Attachment

Basic Seat with Partial Harness

Caliper Brakes (both rear wheels)

Plexiglas Windows

Prototype with Fabric Coverings and Wheels


Partially Completed Prototype

16" Bicycle

16" Bicycle


Caliper Brakes


Brake Lever

Welded Frame

Slotted Aluminum tubing

Bent Lower Frame Tube

Bent Upper Frame Tube

The planned final frame structure

Current Running Stroller












Current Bicycle Trailer


The senior design banquet is quickly approaching! We have completed many detail portions of the prototype since the last update. The following items have been completed and are shown to the right:

-Front wheel attachment

-Extra tube supports

-Front wheel fork

-Bicycle attachment

-Basic Seat

-Caliper Brakes

-Large Plexiglas windows

















































































After many weeks of sewing and breaking needles, Amy has completed the seat and frame liner! Shown in the picture to the right, these fabric components fit perfectly. The lower shell is a one-piece, PVC-lined Polyester which is water-resistant and is attached to the frame tubing using Velcro.

Also, the basic roll cage has been completed! This cage is made from the same Aluminum tubing used in the frame structure and is attached to the lower frame using clamp collars and steel pins. The roll cage is also covered by the polyester and will soon feature an optional mesh covering.

Finally, the front wheel has been attached using a basic aluminum plate design. After some initial testing, this front plate will be refined and modified to better suit the team's needs.





The basic frame is welded, and the wheels mounts have been added. Also, both the upper and lower seat tubes have been bolted or pinned in place. The picture on the right shows the welded frame with these components added in.







TRIumph has obtained a 16" bicycle (at right) for the purpose of using the front swiveling wheel on our prototype. We also got a pair of caliper brake sets, which we are looking to use to brake the rear wheels of our design. All of this for $10, what a deal. The search continues for an extra brake lever and cable that will be used to lock and release the front swivel wheel.































After a week of welding, we now have the main frame structure completed. At right, this frame has slots for the two rear wheels, and will soon have side plates for attaching the seat tubes. Also, at the front of the frame there will be a plate attached for the front swivel wheel. Look for future updates to see the frame with these additions.









Since we are using all round tubing to make our frame structure, we needed to slot ("fishmouth") many of our tube pieces in order to weld the main frame structure together. This was done using both the mill and the hole saw set up on a drill in Calvin's metal shop. The hole saw setup proved to be very difficult to set up but was necessary to cut angled slots in the upper frame.








Thanks to Travis and George at Rapid-Line in Grand Rapids, we now have bent aluminum tubing to use for our frame structure. Using their CNC bender, we were able to go from straight tube to our designed pieces in seconds. See the pictures at the right to see what the finished products look like. Also, they were even willing to weld a couple of the pieces together for us! Thanks again to the people at Rapid-Line for helping us with this.



































TRIumph is currently in the research and design phase of the project, there are no pertinent updates at this time. At the right are pictures of the currently used designs which we have tested, and on which we will be basing our prototype design.