Meet the Team


Team Plane! was formed by two mechanical and two electrical senior engineering students with the intention of pursuing a project combining the best of both disciplines. Each member of the team brings a unique set of skills and experiences to this project, but shares the common passion and enthusiasm for the project of designing a UAV.

Brett Pennings

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Brett PenningsBrett is majoring in electrical engineering with a minor in computer science. His experience programming in C makes Brett and invaluable memeber of the team. Brett's primary responsibilities on the project will be writing the guidance and stabilization code.

Tom Kok

Mechanical Engineering

Tom KokTom is majoring in mechanical engineering. His interests include aerospace engineering and refrigeration systems. During this project, Tom will be responsible for designing the recovery system and fastening the electronic components into the airframe.

Ian Hoffbeck

Electrical Engineering

Ian HoffbeckIan is majoring in electrical engineering. Ian recently completed an internship with Northrop Grumman in California working on UAVs. This experience will allow Ian to contribute to the team's overall design and understanding of the topic. Ian's primary responsibilities during the project are in flight stability, photography, and image mapping.

Christian Swenson

Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics

Christian SwensonChristian is majoring in mechanical engineering with a minor in mathematics. Christian has interned at Airbus in Bremen, Germany. Christian's aerospace experience is a benefit to the team. Christian's responsibilities include airframe analysis and reinforcement.