From the preliminary brainstorming done by the village we have come up with the following objectives.

  1. Create a “Village Recreation Plan”
    1. Make Augusta a walkable village
      1. Trails
      2. Traffic Considerations
      3. Connect the town to the nearby state recreation area by walking trails
      4. Consider new pedestrian bridges. 
    2.  Replace/rehabilitate aged bridges
    3. Improvements to the village park
    4. Boat launch improvements for Kalamazoo River access to the village. 
  2. Manage Augusta Creek floodwaters
    1. Eliminate overflow?
    2. Replace bridge with culvert?
    3. Protect wetlands
    4. If possible establish as a reproducing trout stream. 
  3. Consider cultural appropriateness
    1. “Last truss bridge in Kalamazoo”
    2. Aesthetics of replacement bridges
    3. Economic future of town
  4. Meet Codes

Our group has identified four challenges to this project:

1.       Water Control– one quadrant of the village is dominated by the floodplain and protected wetland along the Kalamazoo River.  Since Augusta Creek was rerouted to a millrace through the village, flooding of the creek along its original route is a concern.  Furthermore, as the creek/millrace is a designated trout stream, it merits special treatment as a recreational resource. 

2.        Bridge Replacement/Restoration – an MDOT bridge as well as two more historical bridges across the canal are in poor condition and in need of replacement or rehabilitation.  Connecting the village across the creek is a concern, especially as it is central to village recreation.  A forth bridge over the old creek bed, while in fair condition, seems inappropriate. 

3.        Village Transportation –local and through traffic in the village are currently at odds.  Heavy traffic volumes at excessive speeds along M-96 threaten pedestrians and cyclists and cause delays for turning traffic. 

4.        Recreational Grant – Preparation of a quality recreation plan is essential for attaining DNR and other possible funding.  In this process an inventory of current recreational resources and assets must be conducted.  New plans should not only make reference to the village’s comprehensive plan, but be consistent with the plans of other communities in the region. 

The following table gives a rough breakdown of group responsibilities, according to experience and interest: 


Jon OBrock

Chuck Terpstra

Jon Bruinsma

Andy McBurney

Hydraulics, modeling




















ACAD, GIS models





Final model