Ecowatt Biobattery

Calvin Engineering Senior Design 2007-2008

About Us
About Us
Learn more about the Ecowatt team, from right to left in the picture.

Christopher Michaels, BSE+EE
Christopher Michaels is a fifth-year Engineering student with an Electrical and Computer Concentration. This past summer he held an internship at the Holland Board of Public Works. He is from Mackinaw City, Michigan. He wishes to design high fidelity audio equipment after graduation, which reflects his musical interests. Also, he would like to utilize his Japanese language skills.

Jared is a fifth year senior engineering student (BSE) with a split concentration between the electrical and computer concentration and the mechanical concentration at Calvin College. He will also be achieving a BA in Philosophy from Calvin College at the same time. He has held a couple of different internships over the years, with the most recent opportunity being a position at Kellogg Company in Grand Rapids, MI; he has worked full time during the summer months and part time during the school year. His favorite Engineering subjects are Industrial Processes and Technical Writing; his course work in the Philosophy department has enabled him to develop a keen analytical sense as well as creative problem solving skills. He grew up mostly in Lowell, MI in a family of seven with two brothers and two sisters; his passion for Project Management originated with the large family unit and extended into frequent leadership positions in various clubs and projects throughout his high school and college education.

Brianna Bultema, BSE+CHEM (My Resume)
Brianna is a senior engineering student with a chemical concentration and additional course work in biology. She grew up in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado Springs, CO where she learned to appreciate and cherish nature. Her biology course work and independent laboratory knowledge make her an invaluable resource for Ecowatt. She has worked at DC Cook Nuclear Power Plant in Bridgman, MI and for a company that specializes in sensors for space, Blue Line Engineering in Colorado Springs, CO. Her passion for renewable and alternative energy sources has stemmed from her internship in the nuclear field and grown through her research and further study on the Biobattery. She is enjoying seeing her contributions become actualized in a final product or prototype.

Achyut shrestha, BSE+ELEC (My Resume)
Achyut Shrestha is a senior engineering student with electrical concentration. He comes from a small town called Damauli in Nepal, home of the Himalayas. His first name literally means “man of integrity” and he gives his best to portray it. He grew up in family where principles are valued highly. He is currently working as a software programmer in Calvin's IT department. His affinity to learn new things, both educational and social, makes him very adaptable. He excels on pressure and the engineering program in his school has provided ample of such opportunities. His passion is in cutting edge technology however he wants to use his engineering knowledge and skill to help people from his country where basic necessity is more important than high tech gadgets.