Project Requirements

I.          Project Requirements

             A.  Course Requirements                        

1.  The team shall work efficiently as a team.                        

2.  The design team shall learn about the engineering profession in the real world.

3.  The design team shall learn more about the difference between engineering and engineering from a reformed perspective.                       

4.  It is a goal of the design team to receive an A in the course.

5.  The design team shall finish all necessary paperwork for the course in the time allotted.

II.        Final Design Requirements

A.  Physical Requirements                        

1.  Weight                                    

a.  The device shall weigh enough not to damage the equipment upon which it is mounted             

B.  Performance

1.  The device shall be able to detect a stop sign within the allowable distance.                       

2.  The device shall notify the driver if vehicle approaches sign too quickly.             

C.  Stability                        

1.  The device will search for stop signs while the vehicle is in motion.             

D.  Environmental

1.  The device shall be able to operate from 0 – 140 F  

2.  The device shall not be able to operate in weather or daytime conditions which impair its ability to view the course ahead of it.             

E.  Power Requirements

1.  The device shall be powered by the car battery.                       

2.  It shall only be on while the car is running.           

 F.  Interface Requirements                       

1.  Light indicator                                  

a.  The indicator light shall activate when a stop sign has been spotted within allowable stopping distance.                                   

b.  The indicator light shall turn off if the vehicle is braking at a rate that will stop the car before the stop sign.                       

2.  Sound Indicator                                   

a.  The buzzer shall emit a warning sound when the vehicle approaches the minimum stopping distance.                                   

b.  The speaker shall turn off if the vehicle is braking at a rate that will stop the vehicle before the stop sign.           

G.  Safety Requirements                       

1.  Physical Device                                  

a.  The device shall not obstruct the view of the driver.                                   

b.  The device shall not be a safety hazard                                               

(i)   The device shall not have any electrical shock hazards                                               

(ii)  The device shall not have ay sharp edges.                       

2.  Detection                                  

a.  The device should detect all properly mounted, viewable stop signs in front of the vehicle.                                   

b.  The device shall have a quick detection time in order to give the driver enough time to react.                                   

c.  The device shall minimize false positives in order to not cause a distraction to the driver.            

H.  Economic Requirements                       

1.  The device shall have a low cost.

III.  Time Requirements            

A.  PPFS to be completed by Dec. 7th.             

B.  The final prototype shall be completed by April 30th .

IV.  Deliverable Requirements

A.  The design team shall include a user’s manual in the final design report.

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