Team Bios

Jeremy Strong; Aaron Lubben; Jeremy Schut; Brian Bode

Jeremy Strong: Jeremy is from Hondurus and is fluent in Spanish and English.  Jeremy was on communications in the Navy for 6 years before attending Calvin College.

Aaron Lubben: Aaron is from Holland, Michigan.  Aaron has had an intership for 2 summers with
Tennant Commercial.  He designed electrical systems for floor cleaning machines. Aaron enjoys watching several sports including: Michigan football, Redwings, Pistons, and Tigers. He also likes watching movies, and TV especially The Simpsons and the History Channel. His favorite movie is The Godfather. Aaron is currently the Vice President for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers at Calvin College

Jeremy Schut: Jeremy is from Muskeegen, Michigan.  . Jeremy has had an internship with Blesco for the past year and half where he currently works in the controls department of the conveyor system designing company. When not studying or working, Jeremy enjoys outdoor activities such as disc golf, geocaching and swimming at the lake. Jeremy is currently attending Calvin College for Engineering with an Electrical/Computer concentration and will be graduation in May of 2008.

Brian Bode: Brian is from Grand Rapids, Michigan and a graduate of Grand Rapids Christian High.  Brian got married this past Christmas. He currenlty works for the College's IT Department and for Secant Technologies. In his free time Brian coaches a high-school Equestrian Team, is a 4-H leader, goes fishing, and works on his computer..
All four team members are attending Calvin College for Engineering with a concentration in Electrical/Computer.

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