Team 7

Calvin College, Senior Design Team 7, Class of 2008

Team Volturna Receives First Place in BizPlan2007 Competition

Status at a Glance
* Project Proposal and Feasibility Study Completed
* Submitted NCIIA Grant Proposal
* First Place BizPlan2007
* Finalizing initial Design
* GLEQ Business Plan Finalization

Current Status:

Volturna recently submitted its NCIIA E-Team grant proposal. This will help the team with funding needed to create a marketable product. Be sure to check out the NCIIA Business Pitch video. For more information on NCIIA E-team grants, stop by the NCIIA E-team website at:

Volturna currently celebrates its success in Calvin College's BizPlan2007 Competition, where they were awarded first place from among a pool of eligible groups. The team is currently working to finalize its design and start ordering parts. Volturna also recently met with its industrial consultant. The team currently is revising its Project Proposal and Feasibility Study (PPFS) as well as finalizing its business plan for the Great Lakes Entrepreneurship Quest.