Team 7

Calvin College, Senior Design Team 7, Class of 2008

Latest News:
The team recently completed their final design report, and participated in Calvin College's Senior Design Banquet. Thank you to all for attending and for your continued support throughout the year.

Check out our NCIIA E-team Grant Business Pitch for a short introduction video.

Volturna completes Project Proposal and Feasibility Study.

View Calvin College's Chimes newspaper short on Volturna.

Wireless Video Transmitter
As part of senior design at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Team Volturna is creating a product to transmit audio and video from a Perconal Computer to a television. As part of the team's goals, it is pursing an entrepreneurial venture with its design.

Gwen Einfeld
Leah Einfeld
Richard Kwakye
Charlie Reitsma
Ted Worst