David van Geest

David van Geest - EE

David, a native of London, Ontario, Canada, is double majoring in Engineering and French. He is interested in digital hardware and software design. In addition to his engineering work, David enjoys playing guitar, traveling, and downhill skiing. He has held a number of internships, most recently at Electrical & Systems Advanced Control in London.

Ben Moes

Ben Moes - EE

Ben hails from Sioux Center, Iowa. His technical interests include embedded systems, medical devices, and renewable energy. In his spare time, he enjoys lacrosse, snowboarding, and church ministry. Ben currently works as a Hardware Design Intern for Johnson Controls Automotive designing embedded Hands-Free Systems for mobile phones.

Andy Gabler

Andy Gabler - EE

Andy is a senior engineering student in the electrical and computer concentration at Calvin College. This past summer he had the opportunity to work for GE Aviation Digital Systems helping with safety analysis and built-in test verification. He is privileged to continue his internship with them throughout this school year. His favorite Electrical Engineering subjects are in electromagnetic propagation (radio) and audio signal processing. These subject matters point to his other interests in live sound production and recording, and his interest in radio-related missions. His current desire is to eventually use his engineering to help spread the news of the gospel and show God's love to those who do not know it. He was born in Bolivia the son of missionaries. His family subsequently lived in the USA, Colombia, and the Philippines while he was growing up. He loved growing up overseas and has a passion to return someday.

Download Andy's resume: .pdf (34 KB)

Nathan Brinks

Nate Brinks - EE

Nathan grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is currently an electrical and computer senior engineering student. He is interested in audio power amplifiers, radio control systems, and automotive electronics. In his spare time he enjoys working on automobiles and flying radio controlled aircraft. At the present time he is working at Highlight Industries.