Progress Report

First Semester (ENGR 339)

  • Collaborated with Calvin's Administration to get this project constructed
  • Began system design
  • Completed PPFS Report
  • This presentation was given as a progress report at the end of the semester.

Second Semester (ENGR 340)

  • Continued to work on the Geothermal System Flow Diagram
  • Reviewed design with Calvin Physical Plant
  • Received design review and consultation from Jim VanderVeen, GMB
  • Ground broken for building construction*
  • Sketched our flow diagram in copies of the official construction drawings
  • 26Feb: Began DAQ/Automation design process with the help of Windemuller Electric
  • 28Feb: Finished Flow Diagram and presented to Triangle Architects
  • Building foundation in place*
  • 24March: Official Construction drawing insert completed for Geothermal system design
  • 24March: Official Construction drawing insert completed for Instrumentation system
  • Created list of instrumentation devices and desired measurements
  • Obtained 'cut sheets' of desired information about each inst24 April, 2008 2:00 PMry Commitee review presentation
  • 8" block walls erected*
  • Roof constructed*
  • Final Geothermail system design incorporated into official construction plans*
  • Instrumentation ordered and arrived
  • Computer and 32" Touch-Screen Monitor ordered and arrived
  • working on PAC framework for instrumentation and DAQ
  • construcing DAQ hardware blocks
  • Program OPTO framework for DAQ processing
  • Begin instrumentation installation during system installation/construction
  • Program kiosk computer and display
  • Web Serving live data
  • MAY
  • System installation: Well Borings, Heat Pump Installation**





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