Calvin's Geothermal Pilot Project

Our Geothermal System uses a well field with two 150ft deep wells within a 20ft radius of the mechanical room which houses the components of the system in the basement of the dorm wing. The pipes used for the wells are 1.25" polyetheline. This well loop connects to two 3/4 ton McQuay heat pumps, one heat pump for each dorm room in the suite. The heat pumps supply 300cfm of heated or cooled air which is ducted into the dorm room and bathroom. The air is returned from the suite through the bathroom and back into the basement. A drawing of the basement Mechanical Room can be found below. The official construction documents contain more information on the detail of the system. Instrumentation will be installed throughout the system to monitor energy consumption, fluid flow rates, and many temperatures. This instrumentation will be analysed to obtain performance specifications for the system. The information will be made available to the public through the informational kiosk in the dorm lobby. A public website with the same information is also a possibility.



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16 April, 2008 11:57 AM