In order to compare our Geothermal HVAC system performance to the performance of the traditional boiler/chiller HVAC system, we will install instrumentation throughout our the Geothermal Suite, a neighboring conventionally heated suite, and a similarly oriented suite in an older dorm building. These three suites are 124 and 123 in the New Dorm, and 165 Heyns.

Measurements in the Geothermal Suite [124] include :

  • Air Pressure in ductwork.
  • The Flow Rate of water the well lines.
  • Various Temperatures including duct air, ambient inside, ambient outside, and various temps through the outside wall.
  • Solar Radiation on the outside wall.
  • Current running to the Mechanical components (Well Pump and Heat Pumps).
  • Current running to all electrical outlets in the suite.

Measurements in the Traditional Suite [123] include :

  • Flow Rates of heated and cooled water to and from convectors.
  • Various Temperatures including hot/cool water supply and return, and ambient inside.
  • Current running to the Mechanical components (Fan Coil Unit).
  • Current runni16 April, 2008 11:57 AMMeasurements in the Old Suite [Heyns 165] include :

    • Ambient inside and outside Temperatures.
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      With these measurements, we can calculate :

      • Air flow in the ducts bring air to the Geothermal Suite.
      • Heat lost through the north-facing outside wall in the new building.
      • Heat lost through the north-facing outside wall in Heyns.
      • Heat added to the conventional suite.
      • Heat added to the Geothermal suite.
      • Energy use16 April, 2008 11:52 AMrong>Energy used to heat or cool the Conventional Suite.
      • Efficiency of the Geothermal system (electrical energy used/heat produced).



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