Geothermal Information

A Geothermal HVAC system uses energy from the ground to either heat or cool a building. The system includes a ground loop, a heat pump, a water pump, and ductwork. The ground loop is a pipe which starts inside the building to a certain depth underground and then back up into the building. It is common to have a 'well field' which consists of many loops traveling down and back up. The fluid (often water) in the ground loop is pumped through the system by the water pump. This network of pipes connects to the heat pump(s) which use the pre-heated or pre-cooled water from the ground loop and produces warm or cool air. The heat pump uses electricity to make up the remaining temperature difference between the ground loop water temperate (~50 deg F) and the desired temperature of the building. The ductwork distributes the air from the heat pump(s) throughout the builiding. Below is a diagram of a Geothermal HVAC system.



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16 April, 2008 11:57 AM