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Engineering Senior Design at Calvin College

Engineering 339 and 340 are core courses in the Integrative Studies category of the Course Catalog, and thus seek "to provide an opportunity for students to examine the sense, direction and contexts of some domain of life-practice, be it health care, commuication, the arts, law, business, religion, scientific investigatoin, or the like; to gain skills in decision making under constraint; to re-visit, at a more advanced level, the contours of a Christian worldview and their implication, thus integrating at a higher level the themes and concerns introduced in the first-year interim course."

Our objective:

Team 03: Thy Mill be Done takes the integrative directive a bit further than the average group. Rather than forming a group with members all comfortably from the same concentration, our team consists of two Mechanicals and two Electricals. Our task: to build a computer controlled milling machine!

Target Audience:

This unit is intended for rapid prototyping. Mass production is better off using standard chemical etching tecniques.

People who might buy our product:

  • Colleges that require fabrication of prototype circuit boards.
  • Businesses that require rapid prototyping.
  • Hobbyists.