Check the progress page for construction pictures taken during the year.

Senior Design Night is here and everything works perfectly!!!

Applied a touch-up coat of paint to hovercraft after spending a few hours driving around Commons Lawn and the Seminary Pond.

Refined throttle control, sanded and fiberglassed lift duct inlet, Final Report writing.



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Listed below are some resources we have found helpful.

Universal Hovercraft

Bruce Einarson's Hovercraft

Discover Hover

Briggs and Stratton

Lowe's Home Improvement

Home Depot


Phil Jasperse - For aiding and advising us in almost every part of our construction process.
Charlie Huizinga - For providing us with a free 6.0 horsepower lawnmower and enough XPS foam to fully construct the hull.
Pat (construction company) - For donating all the scrap XPS foam we could ever need.
Trevor (West Marine Stores) - For providing us with discounted prices on epoxy.
Professor Steve Platt - For lending us materials to construct a hot-wire cutter.
Professor Rich DeJong - For assisting us in dampening engine vibrations.
Professor Ned Nielsen - For obtaining additional funding for the project.
Professor Matt Heun - For aiding us in our propeller and fan analyses.
Greg Bock - For his advice.
David Brace - For the use of his truck in transporting materials.
Hope Shaffer - For her painting expertise.
Itamar Livnat - For his monetary contribution.
Mitch Kenyon - For being the only one who brought a camera when we tested the hovercraft on the Seminary Pond.