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Senior Design 05-06: Team 12

The Athletics

logoOver the years athletics at Calvin College has grown in participation and prominence. With this growth comes a greater need for proper facilities to accommodate both those covering the events and athletes participating. Two such facilities include a press box and concessions building to be located at the track and soccer field on the North side of campus. Another issue with the athletic facilities is the snow accumulation on the track surface and how to remove it. These concerns were proposed by the Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Dance & Sport (HPERDS) department.

Team 12, The Athletics, has completed the architectural and structural design for the two buildings as well as a solution for the snow management issue. The design of the two buildings has met the design requirements of our client the HPERDS department as well as the campus architect. Requirements for the press box were: accommodate 12 persons, provide uninterrupted site lines, viewing deck for video personnel, accommodate for future relocation of soccer field to west of track, storage on ground level, and not exceed the $50,000 budget. The concessions building needed to provide bathrooms as well as place to sell candy bars, pop, water etc. The designs were accomplished through computer modeling, hand calculations, and CAD. This led to the final product of design specifications and blueprints for the building. Concerns that were addressed for the snow management problem were damage to the track surface, voiding of warranty, and budget.


Team 12 Members (from left to right) - Brad Holkeboer, Matt Hulst, Jim Hoekstra, and Tom Burry

Team 12 Members (from left to right) - Brad Holkeboer, Matt Hulst, Jim Hoekstra, and Tom Burry

We have some renderings of the proposed press box, courtesy of Calvin College architechtual student Todd Palmer.

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