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Senior Design 05-06: Team 11

"Microphone Missionaries"

Michael Moselle, Bryan Klingenberg, Eric Lundy, Josh Jarrard, Scott Heupel

Our project is to develop an audio device that will digitialize an analog signal and store the compressed and encoded digital information on a convenient media, such as MP3 format on a USB flash drive. Epic Partners International, also known as One Story, is a missions organization focusing on evangelism to illiterate people groups through Bible storytelling. Our device will be used for the professional quality audio recording of native peoples telling Bible stories in their native languages and is being designed per Epic's specifications. This device will replace the laptop computer and peripheral sound card that is currently being used by Epic for recording. These recordings will then be distributed via radio and other transmission means by Epic and other partner organizations.

The device will withstand temperatures reaching 130 F and humidity levels of 100% - an environment that is commonly seen in the missions field. It will have a self-contained power source and as such will maximize battery life by minimizing power dissipation and maximizing efficiency. The final product will be roughly half the size of a laptop computer and will be contained in a rugged case. It will also require little or no training to operate as the controls will be simple and largely automatic. Finally, the device must support at least one digital connectivity protocol (e.g. USB, Firewire, etc.) for data transfer.

Rob Hughes, the Senior Technologist for Campus Crusade for Christ International (a partner with Epic), is our contact and sponsor for this project. He estimates that with a successful design, eventually as many as five thousand devices may be needed to serve in evangelizing to the five to eight thousand estimated illiterate people groups in the world.

Currently (2/8/06)

The electricals are in the initial stages of combining the functional blocks of our device together one at a time. This includes testing and programming parts. The mechanicals have completed extensive finite element analysis during their interim course for impact, static, and thermal loading on the case. They are working with the electricals to finalize case design. They are also going to fabricate a rough model of the case.



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