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Seenior Design 05-06: Team 9

The intention of BOAT! is to research, design, and construct a human powered boat that is an alternative to the traditional paddle boat. This craft should be capable of higher speeds and more maneuverable than a paddleboat. The overall goal is to produce a watercraft that provides the user with more entertainment.

Because added weight will reduce the maximum speed, the watercraft with only be suitable for one user. Also, drag plays a large role in determining speed. To deal with this, a hydrofoil design will be implemented. Hydrofoils act like an airplane wing under water, which creates lift and raises the watercraft out of the water; in other words the watercraft is "flying" in water. With the hull out of the water, drag on the hull is greatly reduced, and speed increases.

Another primary objective is to create a watercraft with more responsive handling than the ineffective joystick and rudder system of the typical paddleboat. The response of the handling is important since the aim is to achieve higher speeds.

The research, design, and construction done by BOAT! is to complete requirements for Engineering 339/340 at Calvin College . This course serves as the capstone course necessary for graduation from the Engineering program. The focus for the course is a year long project that is initiated and brought to completion by teams of four to five students. BOAT! team members are each mechanical engineering students and include: Luke Joyce, Marcus Krosschell, Marcus Pettinga, and Zac Snyder.

For more information read our Project Proposal and Feasibility Study (PPFS) and our Final Report.

Also, below are various pictures from the course of our project.

Prop Donated to us by Nauticraft Corporation

Testing Prop

Used Windsurfing Board we are Using For Boat Hull

Design of Rear Hydrofoil Internal Structure

Design of Front Feeler Arm Structure

Foam Cutter Used for Cutting Foil Cores

Foam Core with Jig Used for Cutting

Final Foam Section

Rear Foil Construction

Front Foils Steering Linkage

Rear Foil Being Fiberglassed

Front Foils Being Fiberglassed

Solid Model of Design Layout