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Senior Design 05-06: Team 8

Batteries Not Included

Our team has chosen to power a tire pressure sensor without the use of batteries. Existing tire pressure sensor systems use batteries, which need to be replaced. When these batteries wear out, many system owners choose not to replace them; battery replacement is expensive. Wheels must be taken off rotors, and tires must be removed from rims. Many people think the added safety of a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is not worth the hassle or extra money. A battery-free system would eliminate the need for pressure sensor system owners to disassemble their wheels (and empty their wallets) every few years.

We have chosen magnetic induction to power the sensors. This design converts the kinetic energy of the rotating wheels to electric energy by passing a coil through a magnetic field; motion of a coil in relation to a magnet produces current in the coil which can power the pressure sensors. This alternative power source extends the working life of the TPMS far beyond the projected life of current systems. This increase in working life extends the safety benefits of a TPMS to future owners of equipped vehicles.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's TREAD act of 2003 requires that all automobiles manufactured after October 1, 2006 have a TPMS installed. Producing a system that eliminates battery power has potential to be very profitable given the amount of automobiles that will require a TPMS in the future.

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Project Progress as of April 19, 2006:



Induction Voltage Output :

Induction Voltage Output