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Senior Design 05-06: Team 7


team picture

Adam Jones, Jonathan Bush, Michael Heslinga

Maxine Bent, Larae Baker



Our project will be to design and optimize a full scale industrial plant to produce styrene from benzene and ethane precursors using data from Dow Chemical and Snamprogetti's patents on the chemistry. We will also design the process to produce the catalyst for this reaction. The process and plant will be evaluated economically and environmentally. If time allows, it will be compared to the design of the old process of styrene from ethylene.

Our plant will be optimized to produce styrene below the current production cost utilizing new technology and building a plant of large enough capacity to be cost efficient. We will also determine the optimal location conditions for the plant.


Under Construction:

  • Official Team Poster
  • New Team Picture
  • Team Member Resumes
  • Final Presentation
  • Final Report

last updated: April 19.2006