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Senior Design 05-06: Team 6

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 Nick Ellens    Jared Heys    Matt Cosnek    Ryan Smith

The goal of our project is to design and prototype a system to silence cellular phones. This system is to be comprised of a client program to control the functionality of the phone and a base station to initiate the required action by the client. We feel that this technology could potentially be used for controlling functionality in other ways as well, such as camera functionality in secure areas or internet access in the classroom. These areas, however, are beyond the scope of the project. We wish to create a proof of concept that the functionality of a cellular phone can be controlled remotely.

Currently, we are looking at Bluetooth technology as the most promising for creating the connection between the cellular phone and the base station. We recognize, of course, that not all cell phones have Bluetooth built in, and that this system would not work for those lacking this technology. However as the desire for interconnection between different pieces of technology increases, Bluetooth is being incorporated into most new portable devices -- including cellular phones. This system would, therefore, be targeted at progressive market release.

Having completed the first semester of the Senior Design course, our team has created a Project Proposal and Feasibility Study (PPFS) document that gives an in-depth analysis of our project, what will be needed to create a working design, and how we intend to accomplish this task. To view this document, please click here.

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