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Senior Design 05-06:Team 4


Team photo
From left to right: Peter Malefyt (ME), Freeland Shaw (EE), Monika Gunnar (ME), Jr. Kanu (ME)

The Problem
The final step in the assembly of a pedestal at Knoll Inc. involves the attachment of four glides to the bottom of the product. Presently, the glides are manually screwed in before being secured using a pneumatic screw gun or speed driver. This process is tedious, inefficient and has resulted in instances of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome among the employees. Our clients, Knoll Inc. in Muskegon, MI, would like us to automate this process.

Our Solution
We will install our semi-automatic machine under a conveyor system. The presence of the pedestal will be detected using sensors which will initiate the command to the machine to begin the attachment process.

Project Proposal Feasibility Study

Progress Report

Final Report

Special Thanks To:
Knoll Inc.
Professor Ned Nielsen our Group Mentor
Tim Holwerda and Kevin Bentz of Knoll Inc.
Professor Gayle Ermer
Mark Johnson of Smiths Aerospace
IFMefector Inc.
Matt Milliken, Youngblood Air Systems