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Senior Design 05-06: Team 2

Duck Hunt

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Ann Nieuwkoop - Chad Nyenhuis - Ashley Baker

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Schistosome cercarial dermatitis, more commonly known as 'swimmer's itch', is a skin reaction caused by a parasite. 'Swimmer's itch is a large problem in Northern Michigan Lakes. The Common Merganser duck serves as a host for these parasites that cause 'swimmer's itch.'

Common Merganser Ducks

To learn more about 'swimmer's itch', please click the link at the bottom of the page.


Our project is to design and produce a device to catch Common Merganser ducks. Once captured, the ducks will be treated to kill the parasites and released back into their natural environment. The treatment of the ducks will help control the problem of 'swimmer's itch' in Northern Michigan lakes in a way that is environmentally safe.

This project is in conjunction with SICon, L.L.C., a company focused on the control, education, and research of 'swimmer's itch. SICon, L.L.C. is owned and operated by Harvery D. Blankespoor, Ph.D. and Ron L. Reimink, M.A.


Preliminary Design Drawings

Preliminary Testing on Reed's Lake

Preliminary Design Components

FEA Analysis on Pulley and Electronics Housing



Preliminary Project Feasibility Study

Final Report


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