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Calvin College Engineering
Senior Design Team 15

Note: In addition to this website, you can visit the Monsoon Saloon, the more indepth website of Team 15, Monsoon Platoon.

Download our PPFS. Download our Final Report.


We are a team of three senior civil engineering students. Our project involves a hydraulic and hydrological analysis of Siem Reap, Cambodia, and the surrounding areas. The area has a monsoon climate which causes large variations in the water level in the River Siem Reap from wet season to dry season. Our goal is to make recommendations regarding the design and implementation of a new canal and associated system components. These components will work together to ensure a more constant water surface level in the river as it travels from the Kulen Mountains in the North, through the city of Siem Reap, and into Lake Tonle Sap.


Our goals are to construct a canal with a more constant water level and ensure navigability of the entire channel. There are many external constraints, including but not limited to: data collection, communication, cultural appropriateness, agriculture, water quality issues, existing development, cost, capacity for future growth, and versatility for changing seasons.

Team 15 Photo

Team Members (from left to right): Kevin Gritters, Ben Giudice, Dan VanderHeide

We are working together with professor Hackchul E. Kim of Handong Global University to complete this design consistent with his "Vision for the Great Seam Reap," shown below.


Special thanks to those who have contributed to this project:
Professor De Rooy, Calvin College
Professor Hoeksema, Calvin College
Professor Kim, and others at Handong Global University
Roger Lamer, Industrial Consultant