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Senior Design 04-05: Team 9


All the members of ADDITION AMBITION

We are the team members of ADDITION AMBITION, more information about us can be found by following the link to Team Info.

Our Project:

Dutton Christian Elementary is a small school that has grown rapidly over the past several years. Unfortunately to accommodate all of their students they have been forced to use portable classrooms, something they hope to remedy in the near future by building another addition to their school.

Our design team worked with Dutton Christian School and a variety of professional designers to create a building addition that will meet the needs of the school.

Main Entrance to Dutton Elementary

The picture above is the main entrance to the Dutton Christian Elementary School, it is a recent addition which was completed about a year and half ago.

updated base drawing

Above is the final floor plan for the project. We have roughly estimated the cost of the addition to be around $850,000, with an area of 9550 SF. The Bathroom, Janitor's Closet, and Teacher's Lounge kitchen are all in the same area as to reduce the amount of underground plumbing required in the building. The hall from the existing building continues straight out of the new addition so as to have a clearly visible means of egress for the children who are our future. We also created walk-through's and renderings to use for promotional purposes.

Though outdated, you can still view our PPFS (HTML) or PDF.

Design Aspects:

Cost Estimates:

The final cost projections can be found here. Actual costs for the project will probably be below these estimates as a lot of time and material is donated from the community.

Drawing Details:

A sample detail for the foundation details can be found here.

Structural Design:

The structure of the addition will consist mainly of concrete masonry block (CMU) and steel joists. We have been designing the joists to Vulcraft's specifications which can be found here.

Architectural Design:

We have been playing architect and creating some modest architectural drawings for the project. A peek at one of those drawings can be found here.

Click here for the Final Design Report

This is the final design report including all the sheets in our plan set.

Special Thanks:

We owe special thanks to the design professionals that are guided us through the design process. Special thanks to:

  • Leonard De Rooy
  • Calvin Jen
  • Bob Terpstra
  • Jay Poll
  • Roger Lamer