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Senior Design 04-05: Team 8

Papa Wheelie


The goal of this project is to provide wheelchairs for people living in developing countries. Wheels for the World is a Christian mission organization that is currently meeting this goal through donations of used wheelchairs. They have requested help designing a new wheelchair to handle the rugged conditions found in developing countries. Additionally, this design must be made cost effective, which will provide the gift of mobility to the greatest number of people.

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Final Design:

The frame is constructed from steel tube which is strong, cheap, and readily available in the destination countries. It encompasses a triangular footprint, designed to take weight off the front caster and increase maneuverability over and around obstacles. Cambered wheels give the user better stability, increased control and better turning power. The chair folds to fit into car trunks or for compact storage.

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Team Pictures:

team pic

Team members from left to right:

Ryan Van Drunen, Jason Flietstra, Ryan DeWall, and Chris Van Roekel

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Johnny Tuitel – Alternatives in Motionalternatives in motion

Kort St. John - Invacare

Karen Gora - OrthoSEAT

Jack Wiswell - WizWheelz


Final Design Assembly View

View our PPFS by clicking on the link.

View our Final Report by clicking on this link.

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