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Senior Design 04-05: Team 5


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Project Description


Create a lighting system that has the ability to adapt to changing lighting requirements when used in conjunction with a machine vision system.
This system should provide a “hemisphere” of light to be useful in this application.


• Manufacturability: Design should be appropriate for manufacturing.
• Cost: $500 to manufacture including all electrical and mechanical components.
• Mounting: Camera will mount to unit by a ¼-20 screw.
• Adjustability: Each of the six (6) petals will be adjusted separately into one of five preset positions. Must also be useable with a variety of cameras.
• Aesthetics: Needs to hide the electronics. Also needs to fit into the Machine Vision Field.
• Serviceability: Each of the petals needs to be removable for storage, transportation, or service.
• Storage: Must have an economical and durable portable storage case.

Finished Product:



Monroe, INC.
Dave Ryskamp in the Calvin Machine Shop
Prof Nielsen
Prof. Muyskens


Project Feasibility Study(PPFS PDF)
Final Report