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Senior Design 04-05: Team 3

Automated Designated Driver (A.D.D.)


Our project for senior design is to design and build a vehicle that is capable of competing in the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition (IGVC). The competition is split up into two main parts, an autonomous challenge and a navigation challenge. The autonomous vehicle competition is described from the IGVC website as,

"A fully autonomous unmanned ground robotic vehicle must negotiate around an outdoor obstacle course under a prescribed time while staying within the 5 mph speed limit, and avoiding the obstacles on the track."

The navigation competition is described from the IGVC website as,

"The challenge in this event is for a vehicle to autonomously travel from a starting point to a number of target destinations (waypoints or landmarks) and return to home base, given only a map showing the coordinates of those targets. Coordinates of the targets will be given in latitude and longitude as well as in meters on an x-y grid."

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Senior Design is over and done with. We found a huge problem with the OS of the vehicle and we were forced to try and port over to a new operating system during the last week of Senior Design. It was a valiant effort on the part of the team, but in the end we were unable to successfully finish it in time. However we were able to get it up and driving successfully right before Senior Design Night ended, so our parents did get to watch it drive in a square.

With Senior Design over with the team must look beyond to the IGVC which is only one month away. The port is almost complete and the team plans to be ready in time for the competition.

Countdown to IGVC (2005)

(Days : Hours : Minutes : Seconds)

More to come as to the progress...stay tuned... but for semi up to the minute updates see this page: ADD Blog

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Team Photo:

teamFrom left to right:
Matt Husson, Nathan Studer, Brian Bouma, Dan Russcher, Paul Bakker

Photos of the Project:

HTML slide show

PDF slide show

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Project Proposal and Feasibility Study (pdf)

Project Final Report (pdf)

  • Steven VanderLeest
  • Dave Ryskamp
  • Greg Griffes
  • John Washburn
  • Frank Saggio
  • Jerry Jakeway
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