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Senior Design 04-05: Team 2

Precision Sound Input (PSI).

Design Description:

The objective of this design is to construct a battery powered (rechargeable) digital output audio preamp that produces improved recording sound quality outputs from any analog audio inputs passed through the device.As part of our primary goal, the final protoype would perform its functions as a stand-alone device that does not need to be connected to a computer to operate. Furthermore, the final design would be portable and would have a user-friendly liquid crystal display interface.

Team Members:

patrick haveman nsimah wallner

I am Patrick Avoke, electrical/computer engineering concentration. My interests include automation and controls systems. I currently work as an intern at Innotec, Zeeland. My goal for the next five year would be to gain some working experience in automatic controls and then probably go on to Graduate school for masters in controls systems. For senior design, my teammates and I are building a digital output audio preamp. I am looking into researching the requirements for incorporating a USB port and possibly a microcontroller into base circuit.—Patrick

I am an Electrical/Computer Engineering Major with Math and Music Minors. I am planning on attending graduate school pursuing a Masters degree in Audio Signal Processing. I currently have an internship at Eaton Aerospace but am pursuing an internship at Audio Bay Recording Studio. I have also done work with many local music venues: The Intersection, The Orbit Room, The Liquid Room, The DAAC, Calvin, and even The Van-Andel Arena. —Nate

I am Nsimah Okonna, a senior in the Engineering program (Electrical & Computer Engineering concentration). Over the years, I have been more interested in power systems and communications. Having had some experience with equipment like electrical motors, solar turbine, air compressors, research in control technology, and also in facilities engineering, I decided on working on this project in order to learn a lot more about a different field, the audio industry. I hope to integrate the knowledge and skills that I have acquired so far from being in the engineering program at Calvin College with in-depth research which I have already started and past work experiences to make this project a success. —Nsimah

Andrew Wallner is in the electrical & computer engineering concentration at Calvin College. His academic interests include analog electronics, audio signal processing, sound reinforcement and recording. To this project, he brings years of experience operating, assembling, and designing audio systems. Not limited to electronics, Andrew strives to possess competence in a broad range of technical areas, including fabrication, mechanical, and automotive systems. —Andy

Mentors/Advisors: Utmost gratitude to our illustrious advisors--Mr. John Hyde, Mr. Tim Thireault, Dr Steven Vanderleest, Mr Robert Dekraker and Mr Chuck Holwerda. We greatly value your counsel. Many thanks.




Project Proposal and Feasibility Studies.

Final Report