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Senior Design 03-04: Team 9

Behrly Working

In conjuction with Behr Industry America our team is working to design a pressure decay leak testing device to replace Behr's current bubble-test machine for heat exchangers. This change would allow Behr to keep up with the increase of production volume by deacreasing the testing time.

Behr Industry America

Behr Industries America manufacturs heat exchangers for things ranging from snow mobiles to military vehicles. For our engineering team there are three different heat exchangers our test must be designed to handle for Behr. The heat exchangers include: two charge air coolers and one radiator. Although our initial design will be set up to handle these three coolers, our design must also be modular for any new designs Behr might have in its future. More information about Behr Industry America can be found by by clicking the link below.

Current Testing Method

Currently Behr does an Air under water/Bubble-test for leak testing its heat exchangers. This type of testing is both time consuming and labor intesive. It involves an operator that first plugs all extra openings. An air line is insterted into the in for the cooler and the entire component is sumerged in water. Air fills the tank and any escaping air from a leak bubbles up to the service. Finally, after the test is complete, the cooler or radiator must be dried in an oven before it can be shipped.

Our Design Requirements

Our Design will meet as specifications as laid out for us by Behr. Some main specifications include:

  • An input output screen allowing differing test to be performed on different heat exchangers
  • Measure leak rate
  • Adjustable conectors for the different heat exchangers
  • Label good coolers with test results
  • Necessary safety features

Finally our teams design must reduce the present time of the test to handle increased production volume of the coolers.

Behrly Working's Design

After researching many different testing alternatives our team settled on a Pressure Decay Test for the heat exchangers. This test design takes a fraction of the time that Behr currently spends on testing, is safer, and meets all necessary specifications. The test measures a pressure drop in the cooler over a period of time. From this information the leak rate can be found. Please visit our update page for the latest on Team Behrly Working.