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Senior Design 03-04: Team 8

Team Objective:

The objective of this project is to design a dirt screener for the home gardener or landscaper. The screener will remove the debris from the current soil and add air, allowing the user to re-use the current soil for gardening needs. The screener will eliminate the need to purchase expensive topsoil, saving the user money. The screener will stand over a wheelbarrow and automatically sift the dirt. When not in use, the legs of the screener can be folded up to allow for compact storage. The screener is constructed of all aluminum making the carry weight very light (less than 50 lbs.) and makes the machine corrosion resistant. This aluminum frame allows the user to hose off the machine (with care to avoid the motor) before storage.

The design is very transparent, not requiring much skill to operate. All the user has to do is shovel the dirt onto the screen. The screener will sift the dirt as the user is shoveling the next load of dirt. As the dirt falls through the screen, the debris that is larger than the openings in the screen will travel to the open end of the frame and fall off the side into a pile. The end of the frame has a chute that can be added with 3 bolts and wing nuts which funnels the debris so it can fall into a 5 gallon size bucket.

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