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Senior Design 03-04: Team 5


Project Summary

Note: In addition to this website, the college maintains a more in-depth website ( built by the team.

During the course of the 2003-2004 school year, Synergy (Team 5) developed an interactive system to educate the visitors of the Calvin College Vincent and Helen Bunker Interpretive Center about photovoltaic technology.

Their work was focused on making information about the photovoltaic system available to the public. This includes the process for getting a photovoltaic demonstration grant from the Energy Office of the State of Michigan, choosing panels, applying the panels, and logging data about the system. Data logging was particularly stressed due to its ability to provide specific information about the performance of the photovoltaic system. The data about the system that is being logged includes the photovoltaic system output, building power consumption, solar radiation, wind speed, and roof/ambient temperature. This data will be dynamically displayed in the Interpretive Center via an interactive display and on several webpages related to the Interpretive Center.

Synergy Team 5

Team Members

For more in-depth information about the project, visit the in-depth website focused on the photovoltaic array and educational material, at

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