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Wave Interpolation Modulation & Power Synthesis

The focus of the project is to design and build a set of ambient-noise reducing headphones using a USB port as its power source. These headphones will be designed to achieve an additional attenuation of 10dB over standard headphones. The USB, in addition to supplying the power required by the electronics, will provide a source of digital audio data from a PC.

A Sample Picture

A sample design

Our Team Objectives

The primary objective of the design project is to have a working prototype of the device by May 08, 2004 (open house/design night). Having a working prototype means having headphones that correctly attenuate ambient noise (from the environment the user is in) by 10dB and that allows the user to listen to music supplied by the computer the device is attached to. The secondary objective of the project is to make the design marketable. This includes the following aspects:
The product in its final form should be of competitive cost with similar products on the market already (though the final price will be governed by the design cost the retail price should be comparable to and hopefully lower than other noise-reduction headphones).
The average consumer should be able to use the device easily (not only being simple to set up but also freeing the user from having to understand any of the inner workings).
The device maintains its integrity over time (such that normal use will not cause degradation or damage to the electronics or their operation).

As a tertiary objective, the group will gain experience with not only the design process but also with technologies like digital signal processing and the USB interface which will be of use on future projects that team members will work on in industry.

A Preliminary Ciruit Diagram

Check out the gallery section for a bigger image of the circuit.
block diagram