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Engineering Summer Internship Poster Fair

Engineering students get an opportunity to read up on internships and research their fellow classmates have experienced over this past summer.

Summers of Research and Experience

Each year the Engineering Department hosts an internship exposition designed to acquaint the Calvin community and the general public with the internships and research activities of students within the Engineering Department. Engineering students who have held an internship or research position that summer are encouraged to prepare posters that describe their experience as an intern or showcase their research discoveries. This year internships and research topics varied from wastewater treatment in Wisconsin to Mercedes Benz shock absorbers in Nigeria and bagasse charcoal filters being developed here at Calvin. The posters were put on display within the lobby and wings of the Engineering Building on Calvin's Campus Wednesday, October 14. The internship and research students were present to meet with visitors and informally describe their work.

Overall the poster fair was a great success. There was a large turnout with many freshmen and sophomore students hoping to learn more about potential summer opportunites and applications of engineering in the real world. The posters remained on display for the following week, granting casual chances for those passing by to read more about that summer's internships and reasearch. The engineering internship and research poster fair gave current engineering students the opportunity to share their excitement and summer experience with the rest of the Calvin community.

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Internship Requirements

  • Minimum of nine full-time weeks of consecutive engineering related work.
  • Written report coordinated under Prof. Ned Neilsen
  • Formal presentation of internship work

See internships page for more details

Get Involved

Do you have the ability to place an intern with your company/employer? Please contact:

Professor Ned Nielsen
Engineering Internship Coordinator,