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International Engineering Interim Course

Calvin students led by Prof. De Rooy on a tour of Angkor Wat in Cambodia

January Term (Interim) Abroad

There are many opportunities for students to travel overseas during interims while at Calvin. These opportunities are cost effective as well, because there are scholarships available to students wishing to participate in these trips. Each year there are about 2 to 4 off campus classes led by engineering professors they are listed below. In addition, the Off-Campus Programs Office has a complete list of off-campus interim courses offered at Calvin.

The five engineering off campus interims are:

  1. Business, Engineering and Religion in the Context of European Culture This class travels through Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Paris, Luxemberg, Heidelberg, Munich, Prague, Berlin and more. Instructor for this class is Prof. Brouwer.
  2. Dutch Landscapes This class is led by Prof. Robert Hoeksema.
  3. Engaging Development in Cambodia This class is led by Prof. Leonard De Rooy.
  4. Business and Engineering in China This class has been led by Prof. Ren Tubergen from the Engineering Department and Prof. Leonard Van Drunen from the Business Department.
  5. In Search of Water in Ethiopia (Formerly to Kenya) will be led by Prof. David Wunder and Prof. Jonathan Bascom from Geology, beginning January 2016.

Each of these interim classes introduces students to the global market for business and engineering in addition to teaching them about other cultures. Students also deepen their appreciation of the world God has created.

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