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Experiential Learning - Student Employment

Students take advantage of the computer labs for homework assignments and research projects.

Student Employment Opportunities

The Engineering department is an excellent place to expand your learning opportunities and earn extra money at the same time. There are many advantages to working while a student. Students that have experience as a lab assistant, grader or research assistant have excellent employment opportunities to list on a resume' or a grad school application. This can give students a distinct advantage when applying for such positions. The Engineering department typically has at least some of the following positions available every semester:

  • Lab Assistants
    • Assist Engineering Faculty in lab.
    • Assist students that need help in their lab projects.
    • Must have previously completed the course for which they are grading with a grade of B or higher.
  • Student Graders
    • Grade student homework and quizzes for various engineering courses according to grading key given by faculty.
    • Must have previously completed the course with a minimum grade of B.
  • Research Opportunities
    • Assist. Engr. Faculty in research grant as with tasks assigned by the professor.
    • More about the current research positions may be found on Calvin's Summer Research website.
  • Office Assistant
    • Provide the administrative assistant and departmental faculty with assistance in various administrative tasks.

How to Apply for an Engineering Department Position

  • Applications are accepted in the Engineering Department Office at the beginning of every semester. Fill out the form below and bring it to the Engineering Department Office (SB148) along with a copy of your resume'.
  • Application Form

Other Employment Opportunities

  • Engineering students are often sought out by other departments on campus. Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry have often hired engineering majors as graders and lab assistants. The Student Academic Services office is always looking for engineering students who are willing to tutor other students. Finally, the Career Development office has a wonderful resource for finding employment on their website.